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White fillings in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

If you are looking for a trusted dentist to repair teeth with white fillings in Hoddesdon, then we would be delighted to help. Our experienced team provide superb, near-invisible fillings at affordable prices.

The key benefits...
Why choose us for white fillings

  • Match your natural tooth shade for highly discreet results
  • For either new cavities or to replace existing silver fillings
  • Competitively priced treatment by experienced dentists
  • Mercury-free (unlike traditional fillings)
  • Friendly, patient-focused team

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The advantages of white fillings

At Hoddesdon Dental Surgery we use white, composite fillings to repair new cavities and to replace existing silver amalgam fillings. White fillings are coloured to match your own tooth shade and so look much more natural and discreet than the traditional alternative - making them ideal for people who are concerned about the appearance of their smile. Our experience is that the vast majority of today’s dental patients will choose white fillings if given the opportunity.

White fillings are able to bond to the tooth and restore more of its original strength. This makes them more durable than silver amalgam, which can weaken teeth and make them more susceptible to breaking over time.

Before White Fillings at Hoddesdon Dental


After White Fillings at Hoddesdon Dental


Better for you and your teeth

As well as restoring the natural appearance of the tooth, white fillings have the added benefit of not containing any mercury (which is viewed by some as being toxic). They require less removal of the tooth structure, especially in the instance of new cavities, as the size of the hole required for the filling can be significantly smaller than with silver fillings.

In some cases, where a larger filling is needed, a porcelain filling may be used instead. This is known as an inlay or onlay (depending on the part of the tooth affected). If the damage to the tooth is particularly extensive then a crown may be required. The dentist will inform you of all your available options and recommend the best course of action for your long-term oral health.

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