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Dentures in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

If you are looking for high quality, affordable dentures in Hoddesdon then we would be delighted to help. Our team have the expertise and experience to replace your teeth and restore confidence in your smile.

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  • We offer a number of great options to suit your needs
  • Affordable prices without compromising on quality
  • Experienced, highly skilled dental team
  • We provide natural-looking, quality dentures
  • Comfortable, well-equipped practice

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The advantages of dentures

A denture is an dental appliance which is worn to replace lost or missing teeth, restoring the appearance of your smile and enabling you to enjoy a healthy diet. It is generally the most cost-effective option for replacing missing teeth and is also the best temporary solution.

A complete or full denture is one that replaces all of the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaws. It provides support for the cheeks and lips, without which the resulting sagging of facial muscles are likely to make a person appear older and reduce their ability to eat and speak. A partial denture fills in the spaces created by a smaller number of missing teeth. It is attached to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachments.

Modern dentures are a lot more sophisticated than before and can look very realistic. The teeth can be coloured to match your natural ones, which is especially important in the case of partial dentures. We offer both flexible and chrome dentures (please see the videos below) and your dentist will be happy to advise you of which is best suited to your individual case.

The other options for replacing missing teeth are dental bridges and dental implants. Again, your dentist will assess your case before advising on the best course of treatment.

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