Why Choose Us

1. Friendly and Professional Staff:

We aim to meet the needs and desires of every individual who walks through our doors, but above all we enjoy making the over-all experience pleasant for both the patients and ourselves.

2.  All your dental care provided under one roof:

We provide both NHS and Private dentistry and offer a wide variety of treatments ranging from general dentistry; for example fillings and crowns to tooth whitening and orthodontic procedures, as well as more complex treatments such as implants. We have a number of dental experts working in our practice which also include hygienists,a  prosthodontist and oral surgeons.

3. The Premises

Our long established premises are incredibly modern, fully air-conditioned with four purpose build state of the art treatment rooms. We use up to date technology to give you the most satisfying results and less time in the dental chair eg digital x-rays.

4. Disability Access:

We are fully accessible for our patients with disabilities, providing downstairs waiting and reception area, surgery and washroom.

5. Early Mornings and Late Evenings appointments:

We offer early morning appointments from 9:00 a.m during the week and we are also open on some Wednesday evenings to cater for people with different lifestyles and working hours.

6. Car Parking:

We have a large car park at the back of the practice and there is ample off street parking around the practice with no parking restrictions.